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A Life of Mr. Qian Duan-sheng: Between Academics and Politics

Liu Meng


Abstract: Qian Duan-sheng(1900-1990),born in Shanghai, a famous jurist, politian and social activist in modern China. Before 1949, Mr. Qian had been acted as a teacher in Tsinghua University, Peking University, National Central University and Southwest Union University. After 1949, Qian had been held the post of a member of Adminstrative Affairs Board and the dean of ths school of law in Peking University. In 1952, Mr. Qian was appointed to prepare to build Beijing University of Political Science and Law (China University of Political Science and Law now),and acted as the first president. In 1954, Mr. Qian joined in the work of drafting the first Constitution of the People’s Republic of China, and had made a great contribution to constructe Chinese socilaism democracy and law. In a word, We can say that a life of Mr.Qian is moving in or out between academics and politics.In the first half of his life, Qian hoped to become an official and used his knowledge in political practice,but the things went contrary to his wishes. In the latter half of his life, Qian became a member of government, and the road to academic research was cut off, and got into political swirl unavoidably.  

Key words: Qian Duansheng; Academics and politics; Politics education; Legal education